GS Wireless was established in 1998 as a self-funded venture, and continues to grow and expand to this day. After more than a decade, we always maintain profitability and strong financial growth, serving clients all over the USA. We are an H2O wireless premier master agent currently serving over 1000+ retail stores across the nation (and growing). We are also proud to use Lopeds POSA, one of the top providers of advanced med advice technology and state of the art systems to process all your PINs & Payments at med advice very competitive rates. Our products and services are simply the best, guaranteed.

GS Wireless is the pioneer of cell phone unlocking in the USA. Whether you are an individual who is switching to a different service, a traveler going abroad, or a business with traveling employees, our service is trusted by thousands world wide. In addition, we have the latest and most reliable equipment to unlock your phone. We will be more than glad to help you. Our team consists of highly trained individuals who have considerable experience in the wireless industry.

GS Wireless can provide business customers volume discounts on most products and services. We are an authorized reseller in the USA for the best and most reliable GSM cell phone unlocking equipment. We also provide hands-on unlocking, flashing, and mobile phone service training for your technicians. GS Wireless offers wholesale discounts on our large selection of world unlocked GSM cell phones, Bluetooth headsets, and accessories.

We are located in sunny San Diego, California, but we do business nationally and globally. So wherever you are, if we can meet your personal or business cellular needs drop us a line and we’ll do everything to provide the best wireless solutions possible for you.

Why Choose GS Wireless?

With many distributors to choose from, here are a few reasons why hundreds of retailers have chosen GS Wireless.

Value That’s Affordable

GS Wireless offers incredible value on all H2O products for the price – hands down. We include free extraordinary support & customer service that many competitors consider “add-ons” for an additional cost. You might find “the hottest deal” elsewhere, but a unreliable sources will always come back to bite you.

GS Wireless Based Support

Let’s face it; it’s the support that matters most to you. When you need help, you want it anytime day or night, 24/7 from someone you can understand. Our staff-based support sets us apart because of our quick, informative answers delivered in a friendly, easy to understand way.

Take Us For a Test Drive

Sign-up with GS Wireless & we guarantee your satisfaction, take your time to test us out. Whatever the reason there’s no need to explain, but we’re confident once you start you won’t want to stop.

100% Lifetime Satisfaction Promise

You’re not just buying H2O Sim card, we’re creating a partnership. We want your business to succeed because when you’re successful, we’re successful. We are committed to working together so that you’ll never want to go anywhere else.

Experts You Can Trust

We only hire employees who are passionate and knowledgeable about Wireless business and that translates into happy customers. You can count on us as your trusted advisor with expertise you need.

Experience You Can Rely On

Started in 1998 as a self-funded venture, GS Wireless continues to grow and expand. After more than a decade, we continue to maintain profitability and strong financial growth serving clients all over the USA.

Top Tier support Center Uptime

Premium support & customer services can only be as good as the infrastructure supporting it, which is why we are meticulous in selecting where we deal with you. We don’t share your personal or company profile, which offers the level of security you would expect to find with major banking and financial institutions.


We will help your Wireless store become successful, regardless of your issue or budget.

For wireless stores

Are you having a challenge with your existing or start-up wireless store? We’ll work one-on-one with you to pinpoint the issue, and then customize a plan of action.

For established wireless store

If you want to take your wireless store to the next level, or, if your wireless store is facing big challenges, we’ll help you quickly identify the major issues, and work out a plan to get you back on track fast.

For start-up wireless store

If you’re starting a wireless store, now is the most important time to consult with an expert. We can guide you through all wireless store openings steps, including: budgeting, wireless planning, buying equipments and more.

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